User Guide

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User Guide

Quick Start Guide - new to HeartWatch or looking for a refresher? Proceed directly to the Quick Start Guide to learn some of the essentials

Scenarios - a collection of real-life scenarios to show a snippet of how HeartWatch can be used

Reviews - see various articles and what our users say

Navigating - all the tips and tricks for finding your way around HeartWatch

Wellness - your heart provides insights into your wellness, learn how to uncover it

Activity - no days are the same, so why should your activity rings be? Learn a better way to track your activity goals

Workouts - like exercising and working out? Uncover all the super cool fitness monitoring options available

Dashboards - this doubles as a calendar and analytics in one! Learn how to drive and use the best dashboard and trends on an iPhone yet

Watch Use (Pulse) - how to take your pulse and track your daily and sedentary heart rates

Watch Use (Activity) - tracking your move and steps goals, viewing now and today forecasts

Watch Use (Workouts) - using the Watch for exercising

Watch Use (Sleep) - monitoring your sleep if wearing your Watch to bed

Watch Use (Speak) - using voice commands to enter health measurements, like your weight

Watch Use (Settings & Alerts) - setting up alerts, complications and other settings from your Watch app

Notes - record notes direct from your Watch by speaking into it, along with an iPhone daily journal

Settings - some people yawn when it comes to Settings, but not us, this is Settings with actual real use

Exports - export your heart rate data with different options available from summaries to detailed exports

Frequently Asked Questions - all those commonly asked questions and troubleshooting in the one spot

Whats New - contains a summary of the latest features and fixes implemented into HeartWatch

Contact Us - we pride ourselves on support, please drop us a line

Privacy - we treat the privacy of our customers very seriously, its your health data after all. Refer here for our privacy terms

We have posted a selection of "how to" videos on our YouTube channel, be sure to check them out

PDF Printouts

Find it easier following on from a hard copy but the web browser doesn't format very nicely? See below some of the main pages converted into a PDF that you can print out and follow (English only for now).

Other Apps

Links to our other apps designed and built by the creators of HeartWatch:

AutoSleep App - our premier sleep tracking app that integrates beautifully with HeartWatch

AutoWake App - next level haptic smart alarm

Keep Updated

Follow us on Twitter. We post updates for new releases and even provide links for public beta versions, so you can test out new versions before they go global!

Note that as new versions roll out content may reflect an older version. We will endeavour to update as quickly as possible.

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