If you have updated to HeartWatch 4 and are not seeing your history anymore or the pulse is not capturing from the Watch, then this is due to Apple Health permissions. You can fix it with these steps:

1. Go into the iPhone Settings app on your iPhone. Choose Privacy, Health. Press HeartWatch and then press all categories off.

2. Power the iPhone off and on as per this link. (i.e. shut the iPhone down completely so that it restarts with the ๏ฃฟ on screen).

3. Power the Watch off and on as per this link.

4. Now in iPhone Settings, Privacy, Health, HeartWatch press all categories on. Make sure that all the switches are turned on

6. Now go into HeartWatch iPhone app

7. Press the little Settings Cog on the top row (image below)

8. Select Advanced Settings (image below)

9. Select Rebuild History (image below). A red heart will appear and days will start to pre-fill. Note this may take a few minutes as it loads up 12 months of data.

Here is a Health Permissions video which shows the main steps.

Please visit our FAQ page for any other questions. It contains 95% of answers to support questions here. We've looked through thousands of support emails and these are easily the most common ones all answered.

Contact Us via the iPhone App

We highly recommend sending any support from the link within the HeartWatch app, as it will send us a little bit of extra information to try and diagnose the issue, such as your current iOS version, WatchOS and so on. It is found in Settings (the little cog in the top right corner) and then tapping the Support link. See below:

Contact Us via Email

You can also email us by pressing here.

Also don't forgot we have the link to the HeartWatch site on the front page if you ever need to come back. Visitors are always welcome!

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