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HeartWatch Version 4.0.6 (New Version)

  • New User Guide - lists all the functions and links for using HeartWatch. Accessed via the Settings cog in HeartWatch.

  • New Quick Start Guide - new to HeartWatch and want to learn the essentials, then this is the place to start. Also accessed via the Settings cog in HeartWatch.

  • Support for new devices.

  • Fix for date selection on exports due to iOS14.

HeartWatch Version 4.0.4 (Previous Version)

  • Minor update for Japanese alert notifications

  • Minor fixes

HeartWatch Version 4.0.3 (Previous Version)

  • Support for Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Russian, Portuguese & Swedish languages

  • Take Pulse will now take 5 readings for even better accuracy

  • New settings quick link icon to configure tiles in Wellness & Activity section headings

  • Info view for tiles that have no data that use the Watch 'speak' function

  • Wellness daily heart rate zones updated to %

  • Workout start & finish now includes seconds

  • Revised blood pressure ratings table

  • Revised star ratings for recovery bpm based on age and gender

  • Daily tile now shows the wakeful heart rate readings (for better context, added a greyed plot of sleep bpm readings to the Daily View graph with a new icon designating sleep)

  • Sleep tile now excludes any heart rate data from wakeful periods

  • GPS support for Hiking

  • Extra export fields added (including weight)

  • Detail exports now allow for a date range

  • Various fixes

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