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Announcing HeartWatch 4

How to Use HeartWatch

The following instructions show how to maximise the potential of this amazing app. We highly recommend taking the time to review it to better learn the app and also uncover all the HeartWatch gems that you may not have yet discovered!

Navigating - all the tips and tricks for finding your way around HeartWatch

Using Wellness - your heart provides insights into your wellness, learn how to uncover it

Using Activity - no days are the same, so why should your activity rings be? Learn a better way to track your activity goals

Using Workouts - like exercising and working out? Uncover all the super cool fitness monitoring options available

Dashboards - this doubles as a calendar and analytics in one! Learn how to drive and use the best dashboard and trends on an iPhone yet

Watch Use - we believe the Watch app needs to be as good as the iPhone app, learn about all the jam packed features on offer

Using Notes - record notes direct from your Watch by speaking into it, along with an iPhone daily journal

Settings - some people yawn when it comes to Settings, but not us, this is Settings with actual real use, including awesome export options

FAQ - all those commonly asked questions and troubleshooting in the one spot

Scenarios - a collection of real-life scenarios to show a snippet of how HeartWatch can be used

Reviews - see various articles and what our users say

Support Details - we pride ourselves on support, please drop us a line

Privacy - we treat the privacy of our customers very seriously, its your health data after all. Refer here for our privacy terms

Note that as new versions roll out content may reflect an older version. We will endeavour to update as quickly as possible.

"HeartWatch is so good, youโ€™d think Apple built the app itself."

John Patrick Pullen, Time Magazine.

Top 5 in Health & Fitness in 63 countries.

What is HeartWatch

Your Apple Watch is a highly sophisticated instrument, measuring and capturing your heart rate data and much more throughout the day. The problem for a lot of users however, is knowing how to make sense of all this information!

HeartWatch gives you an easy solution to uncover all these insights. It accesses your heart rate to provide information on your wellness, activity, sleep and workout readings created by your Apple Watch and unlocks the power of this information in a simple, intuitive way.

HeartWatch Activity Rings

Ever used the Apple Rings on the Apple Watch chasing those 10,000 steps? We did, but we quickly realised that days are never the same, so we created new tracking rings that automatically learns from your lifestyle. HeartWatch Activity analyses your heart rate data and understands your trends and habits, because days and goals shouldn't always be the same to create a healthier you.

With HeartWatch, users can now elect a goal level and your targets will automatically update day to day! No more seeing the same 10,000 steps or 400 calories target every single day after day after day, HeartWatch uses advanced live models based on science to better guide you to achieve your goals. Better yet, it will even forecast today and tomorrows activity depending on how your tracking during the day!

Refer to the Activity section for additional information.

Reliable & Very Light on Apple Watch Battery

HeartWatch is engineered for reliability and minimal battery drain on your Apple Watch.

We hope you enjoy HeartWatch. It has been designed to work seamlessly with AutoSleep, our popular fully automatic sleep tracker and AutoWake, the world's first haptic smart alarm for your Apple Watch.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions, problems or suggestions.

WHATS NEW (Version 4.0.4)

-Minor update for Japanese alert notifications
-Minor fixes

WHATS NEW (Version 4.0.3)

-Support for Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Korean, Russian, Portuguese & Swedish languages

-Take Pulse will now take 5 readings for even better accuracy

-New settings quick link icon to configure tiles in Wellness & Activity section headings

-Info view for tiles that have no data that use the Watch 'speak' function

-Wellness daily heart rate zones updated to %

-Workout start & finish now includes seconds

-Revised blood pressure ratings table

-Revised star ratings for recovery bpm based on age and gender

-Daily tile now shows the wakeful heart rate readings (for better context, added a greyed plot of sleep bpm readings to the Daily View graph with a new icon designating sleep)

-Sleep tile now excludes any heart rate data from wakeful periods

-GPS support for Hiking

-Extra export fields added (including weight)

-Detail exports now allow for a date range

-Various fixes

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